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I'm new to the forum.  I would like a compact machine for use in a camper van.  Does anyone have experience of this using electric hook up?  I would welcome your comments.  

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Hi Sue and welcome to the party, we are not all mad here, but it helps!

Have a look under PORTABLE MACHINES from Kevin Pigott,I posted there and would add an up date on battery packs on your post.

Screen Grab.

We do offer a battery pack that can be used with the BIPAP A30, please see info attached and helpful bullet points below.

           Respiratory Li Ion Battery Kit – 1126944 -  £429

          The PAP battery Support Dreamstation, System One 60, System One 50 (adaptors included) and BiPAP

·         The battery charges fully in 3 -4 hours

·         It can support CPAP for up to 14 hours and respiratory devices up to 8 hours

·         It meets the FAA requirements for airplane travel – please see attached the letter which confirms safe travel.

·         The battery is compact and light weight, weighing only 1kg or 2.25lbs

 We also sell a 12v DC cable for this device which can be used in a car cigarette socket.

 1001956 – Shielded DC cord £20.00 plus VAT

 If you would like to order either of these please contact us on the below phone number.

 Customer Service Assistant

Home Healthcare Solutions UK & Ireland


Philips Healthcare, Chichester Business Park, City Fields Way, Tangmere, West Sussex, PO20 2FT

Telephone: +44 (0)800 1300 845

Happy Napping for now


  Thank you Graeme

If you are hooking up to the mains it is not a problem if you are in the camper van.

I used to use CPAP in a caravan hooked up to the mains all the time.

However, if you are in a tent, that is a whole new ballgame.

ResMed has small travel machines and so has Philips Resperonics, they are fine for a few nights, but they don't have proper humidification so they can be a bit dry when in use, they also are a bit noisier.

A tip that was passed on if using on was if you are in a hotel is to use the Velcro clips and stick them to the side of a mattress.  If camping, to keep them below head level as much as possible.  They try to tell me they are quieter if you do this.  I have no idea, not used one.  Other thing to keep in mind is they come with very short hoses.

There are machines that will run on 12Vdc and are quite small, but humidification will be a problem.

Thanks.  That's really helpful.  I think I might just keep with electric hook up and use my regular machine.

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"You should have got the manual with the Airsense 10 Autoset? If you didn't get it AIRSENSE RANGE MANUAL . pdf"
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"I hope they set the low pressure up and that it is not left 4 to 20. I find a lot of people is given machines set up like this and that is not really good. It is not recommended that you shift the pressures on an NHS machine, the clinic will not be…"
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"Is it a CPAP machine with a fixed pressure he has? It might be that a fixed pressure machine is not the right one for him or he may have a complicated Sleep Apnoea, in other words there are other things going on other than just his throat…"
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"Hi Chris I think you mean 'APAP' rather than 'acap' and if so, it will have automatic pressures.  It's not really recommended to alter your own pressures, and people only usually do that in desperation if they…"
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Hello everyone, I am hoping that maybe someone out there has been through what my husband is currently having to deal with. Three years ago my husband randomly collapsed at his place of work (hes an engineer and works with machinery so naturally him…See More
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What pressures?

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"The Airsense Autoset does show the data in you look in the 'Sleep Report' section on your screen you can then scroll down to AHI and should also be able to see leakage.  If you can't see the AHI then it means the hospital have…"
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"The Machine is Res Med AirSense 10 AutoSet"
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