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Good afternoon

i am currently having a trial of CPAP machine with Nose mask.

day 1 fine comfy slept till 5am when the machine started popping, internet search tell me water in tube, so i hung this up and hay presto

day 2 great sleep

day 3 great sleep

day 4 starts itching at around 6am

day 5, have the mask on as soon as it start OMG i think my face is going to fall off its so itchy i tollerated for an hour untill such point that i gave myself a nose bleed through itching and scratching at my nose under the mask

day 6 (last night) after a day of pain and itching and slight swelling i managed 10 mins before i honestly wanted to cry it hurts so much! i tried making a liner to keep it off my face but honestly anything touching my upper lip or nostrils right now is burning..

i take the machjine back to morrow and i know the dr is not going to be that happy that i have had the mask off for two nights but it hurts so much!

does anyone have any suggestions what i could do in order to use it tonight or what the cause could be.

i also find the air to be so cold!

my machine does take water.

any advice welcomed

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Hi Mack. Firstly I would hope the sleep clinic will be supportive of you, as CPAP is not easy in the beginning for many people, and most issues can easily be sorted.

Regarding the itching....with it only happening after a few days I'm wondering if it's a reaction to whatever you're using to clean the mask, or even to your own facial oils which have dried on the mask if you haven't cleaned it yet.  However, we do have a nickname for 'itchy nose syndrome' as this can happen to many people, which is caused through the air blowing the tiny facial hairs on our skin.  In fact I even created an image for a Facebook post I once shared about this:-

What people do is to use the cream, but not rub it right in - leave it wet, and this stops the hairs vibrating due to the air pressure.  Most importantly, it doesn't damage the masks like a lot of creams do and is safe for breathing http://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/cpap-moisture-therapy-cream.html

Regarding the cold air, I think you're implying you have a humidifier, so turn up the temperature.  Be sure you get a hose cover or heated tube though to prevent the 'rainout' in the mask/hose.

Also, check out the webpage on the problems using CPAP, as like I said most issues can be easily sorted http://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/tips-for-problems-sleeping-with-cpap-or...

Good luck tomorrow....

Keep the mask seal spotless and your face clean of any oil and sweat.

The other thing is a lot of people at the start have to mask far to tight, after a few days it starts to cause problems.

Do you have a reaction to silicone?

You can get mask liners that keep the silicone off your face.

Plus you could try the Gel Kath suggests.

Cold air?  I would love some cold air when using the CPAP!

The old answer to that was to put a light near the intake of the machine, now you can turn up the humidifier or get a heated hose.  In old houses it was a case of heat the room.

I'm late to the party as usual

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