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I have had problems with my Resmed S9 APAP staying at 20 cm for 2-3 hours at a time which wrecks me the next day.

This problem has been ongoing for many months and when I think I have fixed it it comes back

Using Sleepyhead I can see that during this spell of high pressure it looks like I am double inhaling.

Is this possible??

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This is the Sleepyhead graph


Why is it going up to 20 in the first place, most people do not need such a high pressure.

I think you need to get the machine checked.

You have a strange flow pattern, I have seen that before but for the life of me I can't get my memory to bring up that memory.

If it were me I would limit the max pressure to 16 and see what happens.  If the high pressure wrecks you for the next day then limiting it for one day will do no harm.  It is unlikely you will need more than 16 of pressure anyway.  If it max's out at 16 either you need the pressure or it has a fault.  S9s are getting on a bit now but have you got the settings right for the hose and mask type?

There appears to be a flow problem of some kind but my brain is not working!

The machine has been changed and I still have the strange flow pattern and it still goes up to 20.

I have posted the problem on a US forum as well. On there the last couple of posts either say reduce the pressure or leave it as it is as the machine is doing the job properly as its responding to flow limitations.

I,m getting the same mixed response from the hospital as well.

As for the flow pattern I have spent many hours searching the internet for a similar flow pattern but with no success

Tonight I have reduced the max to 16, disconnected the H5i, and changed the mask.

Probably doing to many changes at one time but I want a good kip!!! 

I think my high pressure problem is cause by "overlap syndrome" 

Just before going to bed last night I used a rarely used blue inhaler.

This kept my pressure below 15 and reduced the flow limitations although the strange flow pattern had not changed

Its only one night but ....

Experimentation is the name of the game at times.

If you find the answer let us know.

I think the machine is misinterpreting how you are responding.  After all it is just a machine and is only as good as the software in it.

I increased the dosage of my reliever inhaler, Fostair, yesterday morning and had another good night.

I will increase the dosage again tonight which will take me back to the dosage I have been on in the past.

I will be contacting my respiratory nurse tomorrow and try to explain why I need the higher dosage to make my CPAP work better !!!!

Just wondering if your airways are drying out causing asthma attack or whatever you are having.

It does not need a lot of dryness to make me wake up in a bit of a panic and struggling to breathe.

I have the humidifier 2/3rds up at least and on dry nights even more.

My mask ,F & P Simplus, gets too noisy when i increase the humidity too much.

I may try increased humidity with another mask if I still have problems .

Since I have  started to use the inhalers I have noticed, on Sleepyhead, that the Flow Limitations decrease when the pressure increases as it should

Before using the inhalers increased pressure had no effect on the Flow Limitations.

Also I am thinking that this problem with high pressure could be seasonal ??

A bit of hayfever making my COPD worse which the APAP mistakes for Apnea

It is a machine and if you have COPD and suffer from hay fever and asthma it will cause problems that you will have to find a work around for.  Looks like you have already found one that helps.

It is very much a case of experiment and see. 

You are right about needing the extra humidity.

Its been very dry lately , I measured it at 39%RH,  so I will start to us the "Warm Up" on the H5i to get the humidity up straight away

On my last visit to the hospital I was told that the high pressure was caused by my Sleep Apnea getting worse despite a

AHI of 0 !!!.

I will have to change hospital. Perhaps a Dreamstation will suit me better

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