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Backpacking With a CPAP Machine

I thought I would write this blog post to hopefully inspire others.  Using a CPAP isn't the end of the world if you are an outdoors person.  If you like a bit of car camping there are many options, cheap lead acid/sealed batteries are available and together with a converter make it all possible, however backpacking and multi day hikes require a bit more effort. 

For the 18 months or so I have been doing a lot of backpacking in the UK and around the world.  With some planning and…


Added by Richard Brown on October 4, 2016 at 21:30 — 1 Comment

Medications Affecting Sleep

A number of drugs disrupt sleep, while others can cause daytime drowsiness. Your clinician may be able to suggest alternatives.


Used to treat


Possible effects on sleep/daytime…


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The following are my own tips in helping with my own treatment, and are not meant as a substitute for medical advice. However, I hope they prove useful. 


A lot of people find it hard to tolerate their equipment at first, so it's a good idea to set it up during the day whilst relaxing, such as watching tv,…


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A 4 year olds journey to sleep apnea

So, I am new to this group and would like to intruduce myself: my name is katie and I have 3 wonderful, active boys ages 9,7, & 4, & we live in Mobile,Al which is in the United States. The whole reason I came to this site is about my 4 year old named Andrew. He is living with Obstructive and Central sleep apnea and even though he has been diagnosed with it no doctor can tell me the one answer I want the most. WHY? I will say that they believe he will grow out of the older he gets,…


Added by katie on May 5, 2011 at 2:29 — 5 Comments

A to Zzz's of Sleep Definitions and Abbreviations


APNOEA:  Without Breath (also spelt Apnea in some countries).  Therefore, Sleep Apnoea means pauses in breathing whilst sleeping.

APNOEA/HYPOPNOEA INDEX (AHI):  The number of apnoea/hypopnoea incidents per hour.

APNOEA INDEX (AI):  The number of apnoea events per hour.

AROUSAL:  Going from sleep to wakefulness, or…


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Magnetic Reading Glasses


My name is Steve. Just been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I  have been having probbies  reading with the mask on. I have found some magnetic reading glasses that split on the bridge of the glasses then click together under the mask. You do not have to take the mask off when you are ready to sleep just pull each lens and that's it no hassle. Just send them details of your reading lens required.

 Hope this helps with your reading…


Added by Steve McGill on March 19, 2011 at 19:30 — 2 Comments

Sleep Apnoea Myths Exposed !!!



Not True!  Once your treatment is proving to be successful your sleep clinician can fill in a form to be sent to the DVLA, who should give you permission to drive.



Not True!  Yes, of course obese people are affected, just like obesity can cause other…


Added by The SleepGuide Crew on March 7, 2011 at 18:10 — 9 Comments

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Kath Hope replied to John's discussion Oropharyngeal exercises
"I would always be guided by Dr Vik Veer, who is the UK's leading ENT surgeon specialising in snoring, sleep apnoea and UARS. He doesn't say the exercises will cure moderate to severe sleep apnoea, but can help by strengthening the airway…"
Kath Hope replied to John's discussion A tale of two nasal dilators
"Good info thanks. I personally prefer nasal strips though."
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Jun 11
John posted a discussion

A tale of two nasal dilators

Trying to get my nose to stay open, I've been experimenting with nasal dilators.So far I tried two types.- Generic tubes from ebay, 50p each- Fancy Airmax £10Both are moulded silicon rubber.I would say the packaging for the Airmax, which is really…See More
Jun 9
Jonathan replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"Dab hand with a sewing machine :)  The "stethoscope" pipes were detachable with a bit of careful persuasion."
Jun 8
John replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"How did you fasten it?I suppose you could do it with tape or elastic bands. Cut up an old fleece jacket, wrap it round the tube, strap it up, bit of velcro. That sort of thing. I hadn't really thought of that."
Jun 8
John replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"Come to think of it you could likely double up a hose cozy, one over another.This is a piece of N95 face mask I used for high grade filtration. I just put it where the filter usually goes.This is around 6 months dirt I would say, thereabouts. I used…"
Jun 8
Jonathan replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"Neat clip for your hose! I used to use the Respironics Comfort Curve one of the best masks ever, now discontinued of course.  With its stethoscope-style tubing, I had to make my own fleecy cover."
Jun 8
John replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"Oh cool. Did you do any other DIY mods?I made a clamped strap to go on the headboard and lift the tube. Just a spare c-clamp with a bit of nylon strap and a clip but works well."
Jun 8
Jonathan replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"Yes, I bought some fleecy material and made my own "snuggle hose" 10+ years ago. "
Jun 8
John replied to John's discussion Airsense 10 -humidifier runs dry
"Did you try a sleeve for the tube, Jonathan? For rain out? I got one off ebay for a few quid and I think it helps. It's a fleece sleeve  you zip over the main tube."
Jun 7
John posted a discussion

Oropharyngeal exercises

I asked medics at the Castle Hill CPAP clinic about tongue and throat exercises. They said no evidence, and it can't work anyway because the muscles fully relax during sleep.Yet I'm watching Vik Veer, head of ENT at a London hospital, offer evidence…See More
Jun 7
John replied to John's discussion Nasal valve collapse
"Well I found out what the norm was by asking my doctor to do the Cottle maneuver on herself, and she said there was no difference with and without.Whereas for me it's massively different.The Cottle maneuver is where you pull the skin by the…"
May 31
John replied to John's discussion Short apneas - official definition
"It's a suspiciously round number I wonder how they arrived at it?I asked the People at Castle Hill and they didn't really enlighten me on it, but I was told that it's normal for people to have apnoeas, which I didn't know.I…"
May 31
Kath Hope replied to John's discussion Short apneas - official definition
"An apnoea or hypopnoea of less than 10 seconds won't be reported as an event, in the same way they're not reported on a sleep study, as that's the cut-off point."
May 31
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May 31
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May 30
John posted a discussion

Short apneas - official definition

I'm reading the Resmed definition of apnea and hypopnia."Apnea" means "no breath." An apnea happens when you stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer during sleep."Hypopnea is a partial blockage of the airway (shallow breathing). During a hypopnea,…See More
May 22
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May 20

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