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I have had problems with my Resmed S9 APAP staying at 20 cm for 2-3 hours at a time which wrecks me the next day.

This problem has been ongoing for many months and when I think I have fixed it it comes back

Using Sleepyhead I can see that during this spell of high pressure it looks like I am double inhaling.

Is this possible??

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I have read that if you have Asthma a CPAP is better than a APAP 

When the APAP increases the pressure it makes the asthma worse and then the APAP increases the pressure again which makes the asthma even worse .....

This is exactly whats happening with me. The tail is wagging the dog.

I dont have asthma as far as I know but my problem with high pressure I believe is seasonal so could be a allergy.

The increased dosage of preventer is still keeping the pressure down

I would like to see how the hospital is going to explain that your Apnoea is getting worse with an AHU of 0.

That is almost incompetent.

It might also be that it is not straight forward Sleep Apnoea you have and might benefit from an advanced machine.

You need to download Sleepyhead to see what is going on, take a bit of getting used to, but is a mind of information.

I wouldn't go for a Dreamstation.  I tried one and didn't like it, the ResMed was a bit better and easier to use.

However, that being said, everyone is different and if we were all the same it would be a strange world.

I have a bit of hay fever since I was in hospital for best part of a year, I don't find a problem, apart from a bit of a runny nose when I put on the mast, which I have to say is not the nicest feeling, but the air dries everything up in a short period of time.

I do know of people with Asthma and most of them have little problems, they just take their puffer thing and turn up the humidity.  One I read about had to take both puffers and had to take during the night again.

However, we are all unique and all respond differently to treatment.

I have read that APAP machines are not suitable for people with Asthma and give the same problems that I have been having.

I am now having to use twice the dose of steriods just to keep the APAP happy

If I can ever get in touch with my hospital I will ask for a CPAP but what it will have to be set to is going to be difficult as my 95% has been 20 some nights before my steriods were increased

Using the  increased steroid dosage inhaler, 200 /6 rather than 100/6, has reduced my 95% pressures by about 5 cm.

Doing some detective work I have found that I was put onto a lower dosage inhaler in May last year. I think that is when the problems with the high pressure.started.

I am still waiting for the hospital to return my call to find out why the steroid increase is having this effect.

Well the inhaler makes the lungs open up and if anything the dryness from a CPAP will dry them up and shut them down again.

I am no doctor, but if you needed an inhaler before CPAP you would certainly need one after you start.

Why did they cut you down anyway, you must have surely said you were feeling much better, maybe they didn't take into account that the reason you were feeling better was maybe due to CPAP!

However, as long as you have found out what is going on and shared it with others, maybe they will have gained a little knowledge from it.  It might help others with the same problem.

Have a good life.

I have been using   Remstar and S9 APAP,s for about 9 years now and my COPD was diagnosed at the same time as my Sleep Apnea..

Last year a consultant wanted to stop my Steroid inhaler completely as my COPD was not bad enough to require it but the nurse just reduced the dose instead.

Sleepyhead, which I regularly use , still shows the double breathing even though the pressure is reduced so they dont appear to be connected.

I will still be trying to find out why the Steriod is reducing the pressure as no doubt they will try to stop it again

Thanks for the help

The other thing that can affect is positional sleeping, if you tuck your chin towards your chest when sleeping.

Trouble with this is you don't know you are doing it as you are sleeping and it is usually in the middle of the night when others are sleeping as well.  You can get a soft cervical collar that will stop you from doing this.  They are not very expensive and worth a try if you think this might be happening.  But in your case I think it is mostly related to your COPD.

However, as I always say "I am not a doctor."

I think you may be on to something with the positional sleeping.

This could well explain the red patch on the top of my chest and underneath my chin.

I will try a different pillow tonight until I can get a collar.


Always worth a try and it is always an alternative to a chin strap which will only hold your mouth shut, but the ones supplied from a sleep clinic are usually single strap ones that just slip on the head and tend to be stretch type material which is hopeless.  The idea is to hold you mouth shut and not allow you to open it, I can open my mouth with the one I have, which defeats the purpose it was made for.  The excuse I got from a well known manufacturer was that it was for safety incase someone vomited or the machine stopped due to a power cut.  If a machine stops and there is not a safety valve on your hose or mask, thrus me you will waken up very fast as soon as you get no air.  Just like an Apnoea really, except when half awake does not get you air, you waken fully.  It has happened to me a few times.  However, I am drifting from the subject.

For others it is worth trying a soft collar if you are still having problems, they are only a few pounds from Amazon and Ebay.

They can hold your mouth shut and stop you from tucking your chin down causing problems with breathing, so if your apnoeas are a bit high and you don't know why and you have tried everything, get a soft collar but get one the correct size, it should fit round your neck comfortably and hold your head and chin up so you can't tuck your head down and restrict your breathing.

Anyway, good luck with your collar.  I am going to invest in one but have not found the one I want yet, unless I order one from China, not to keen on that, but a few pounds is not a huge deal and I have had a lot of problems with Amazon not living up to their word when things go wrong.  They pass the buck by saying it is not then that is selling it it is a company in Germany or somewhere else.  My take on it is if they sell it through Amazon they should sort out any problems.

But I digress.

I hope the collar helps and you see an improvement.  let us know what the outcome is, we are always interested and willing to learn from others.  That is what a Sleep Apnoea forum is all about.  It is also always there for others to read unlike Fasebook where you have to join to read any posts properly.  It is also murder trying to follow anything on Facebook (Oh did i spell it wrong first time, what a shame   )  as it is not so organised and goes on and on downwards until you think you are going to hell and back!

Here I go again, I have a meeting tomorrow, I hope I stay awake as I have been having bad nights lately.  I am fine when doing something, but if I am at a meeting where I have just to listen most of the time I don't fall asleep, but my attention drifts away to somewhere else.

Oops, that is a long post and not always on subject either, sorry!

I have just ordered a soft collar from China, bit of a gamble bit for £2.89p and free postage it is worth a try, I do not want to pay British prices just to try one.  I will report back on the quality (which it my not be good, but what do I expect for the cost) and if it helps, though I don't tuck my chin down when sleeping, others have said it helps them sleep in a better position, so I am going to try one.

Never looked at your shop Kate as this one is just to try cheaply, if it works I will be looking for one of better quality.

I would like to have the time to visit your shop, but when I am down your way I am always trying to catch a ferry.

Some day I will surprise you with a visit, I would love to see what you do and sell there.

A Chin strap would be no use!!!!! as I  have to breath through my mouth as the flow of air through my nose is restricted my polyps and a deviated septum .

That is why I have to use a full face mask.

Im wondering that as the air is being blasted directly to my lungs they made need a bit of help from the steroids

Im off to see a asthma nurse this afternoon and try to explain to her why i need a stronger steroid inhaler .

I might drag my CPAP and mask with me if I can be bothered .

The visit to the nurse was a complete waste of time as she did not deal with patients with COPD or let alone Sleep Apnea.

In March I was prescribed oral steroids as I had a flare up and my AHI was zero for 3 nights in a row.

So that does suggest , again, that I need steroids to keep my APAP happy.

I should be happy that after a year I have solved the problems I have had but I cant find any link suggesting that there is a link between steroids and APAP

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