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I have had problems with my Resmed S9 APAP staying at 20 cm for 2-3 hours at a time which wrecks me the next day.

This problem has been ongoing for many months and when I think I have fixed it it comes back

Using Sleepyhead I can see that during this spell of high pressure it looks like I am double inhaling.

Is this possible??

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So if she didn't deal with COPD or Sleep Apnoea what did she deal with?

I think it is a simple case of the steroids keeping your airways in the lungs open when you are using your cpap.

A collar might keep you from restricting your own airways.

If the steroids work keep using them, I don't know why they thought you could do without them after you started cpap anyway?

A possible answer for the problem with high pressure is that my mouth is shutting during the night.

As my nose is partially blocked by polyps and a deviated septum the airflow is restricted so the machine keeps upping the pressure until I open my mouth again.

The problem is what mask will stop my mouth shutting ?

I thought you would say that.

I tried one in the past and have been trying out the bits I kept today but no way,

Im trying out a old Quattro Air tonight as it seems to stop my jaw from moving

Using the Quatro Air my 95% pressures have been about 14.5 for 2 nights with no major peaks in pressure.

.I have bought the  Quatro Fx which I used to use in the past and I will see how that goes tonight

Using the Quatro Air is certainly working. My 95% pressures are still below 15 and also Im getting a much better sleep.

I think the reason its working is that the inlet is lower on the Quatro Air and is also directed downwards. This direction of airflow seems to be stopping my mouth from closing..

I have been using the Amara View mask and the Sleepyhead waveforms no longer show the double inhaling and the high respiratory rate . Also the pressure is more stable. I do feel that the Amara is keeping my nose open . Looks like the hybrid mask is a good option .

The Amara is making my nose sore so will probably return it and try another hybrid mask

That is why everyone should keep trying masks until they find one that works for them.

But when the hospital only supply one full face mask then it gets mighty expensive!!!

Yes, that is the whole problem and the hospitals do not want to listen due to budgets.  If only they had more of a range and got people to try masks just for this purpose (kept aside for this) they would save money on the end, but get through to them?

Waste of breath!

I think more should be done at GP level.

I demonstrated my CPAP gear and masks to a group of trainee GP,s  so at least they know what a CPAP machine is.

Also people should be made aware how they can purchase a mask from various companies and in some cases be able to return the mask if its not suitable and only pay the original delivery charge.

It still amazes me how many doctors dismiss Sleep Apnoea as not a serious problem and that it is due to people being overweight.  The person with one of the worst I know of was very thin, in fact I have seen more fat on a chip.

The younger doctors coming through at least know about it, even though there appears it does not get the importance it deserves.  Showing them the equipment is a good idea and explaining how it makes such a difference to people is a great idea.

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"Tried one Xylimelts last night. Best sleep in ages. No waking up with a terrible dry mouth. Very pleased thank you"
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"I am sure they are not, but a lt of people tend to tighten their masks up to tightly. A lot more than they need to to stop leaks, I was no exception at the start, if it leaked, tighten it more, but this was not the answer.  New mask the correct…"
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"The only trouble is that both the Amara View and the Dreamwear are too painful to wear. The part of the cushion separating the mouth area from the nose cuts in!! to the base of my nose and partly into my nostrils."
Sep 9
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"Good detective work."
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