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Why is it necessary for my hospital to change my S9 APAP every year.

The one I have been supplied this time is running at a higher pressure , despite having the limits set the same, and is causing me other health issues.

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Hi - I'm not sure, but if you have a chat with them I'm sure they'll tell you. Seems like a strange thing to do unless they are cycling them around for disinfection and servicing.

Definitlely double check with them in case it's been mis-programmed.

I will have a look with Sleepyhead and hope I dont corrupt the SD card this time.

All the hospital look at is useage and leak.

This seems quite strange, I am still on the same machine I started with, and it will be 4 years old in June. All they do each annual check is download the useage, and change the lead and mask...


They cant even get the usage right.

When I saw the consultant he said I had not used the APAP for 103 days which is complete rubbish as I use it 365 days a year.

When I spoke to the CPAP technician he said that the 103 days was the time the machine spent in the cupboard before it was issued. to me !!!!

I don't know, but do you attend Raigmore Hospital?

They are the only ones I know of do this.

If it is running at a different pressure you should contact them and go get another.

Raigmore has a machine already checked and set up for you when you arrive at the hospital.

I suppose it takes the pressure off the Tech guy to have another machine ready instead of checking (Pat testing it and pressure) while the patient is there.

In Sheffield they give you a new machine each year. I beleive the old one goes for testing calibration and cleaning before being reissued. New mask and tubing as well. Humidifier not changed though.

They do the same at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.

I would rather keep the same machine until it is beyond repair.

However, it is the same I suppose as getting another machine when the one you have breaks down.

It has been six years since I have been near a Sleep Clinic, except to pick up spares.

It may be that the machine you had last was not putting out the pressure it was supposed to and.  I had a machine that slowed down and I didn't really notice until it became a problem.  When I got another machine it felt a lot stronger for a few days.

Another problem is that I'm under the same consultant for both Sleep Apnea and COPD which is getting confusing. My last appointment was for my COPD and I was hoping for a x-ray but all he was concerned about was my CPAP stats which were completely wrong anyway. You cant be  using a machine for 468 days when you have only had it a year.

I'm thinking about seeing if I can be referred to another hospital to try to keep things separate

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