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How is it decided what machine I need?

At present I use a S9 Apap  with the EPR set at 3 but I feel that a Bipap would be better for me.

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An APAP with EPR is almost Bipap.

The Sleep Centre would know from their readings if you would be better with another type of machine, if you had a home study you need to take it up with your GP and raise it with your Sleep Centre.

I checked with my hospital but they dont supply Bipap,s to outpatients so looks like Im stuck with the S9

You can always ask to be transferred to another hospital if there is one near you.

Or you can buy one of you can afford one and ask if they will service it and repair it if you buy one, some hospitals will and others will not.  But in any case, if it breaks down you will have to wait, but they may give you a loan APAP until it is repaired.

Worth a try, you have nothing to loose.

But before you go down that route, ask if they think you need one.

Its not easy to get transferred to another local  hospital as I am finding out.

Rather than getting a appointment for my local hospital ,which supplies Philips machines, I have been given a appointment for a London Sleep Clinic instead.

I will have to cancel that one.

I have increased the minimum pressure to 14 as I have seen, on Sleepyhead, that the pressure tends to shoot up to 20 when the pressure has dropped to 12.. Increasing the minimum pressure to 14 does reduce the amount the pressure is bouncing around

Look for your 90% and set the low pressure just below that or on that figure and it should behave a lot better.

It is 90% that most clinics set a CPAP at, this covers most events without undue pressure and a bit of discomfort.

My ResMed machine was set by the clinic to 8 and 20 when I got it, but since then I have moved the low pressure to 11 and left it at 20, it has never gone above 13,5.  Before I did this the pressure used to rise suddenly and wake me up, so I took the lower pressure nearer the higher pressure, Now I have no problems, but I do get an angry red face every now and again, due to air escaping out of my mouth through my lips.  Very little I can do about that, but the highest I have ever got was a 1 and it is normally 0.0 to 0,4 at worst.

 Last month my 95% pressure varied from a minimum of 14.9 to a maximum of 19.8 this makes it rather difficult to set a range    I was thinking about setting it up to be a CPAP, which the S9 Autoset can do, but with the 95% pressure varying so much   what pressure would you set it to.

As you say that would be difficult.  I would keep it in APAP mode.  All you can do is to keep the high pressure open and start with the low at 10 and go up a step at a time and see where you do best, though if your needs change so much you may need a more advance machine.  If your hospital does not supply them then your only option is to go to another hospital that does or talk to the consultant to see if he thinks you need one.  Then go buy one if they will look after it and service it.  The only thing that they would not have for it would be the machine itself if it did break down.  You would need to get the same brand that they deal with of they agreed to look after it.

It is worth a try, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Sleepyhead YouTube.  Sleepyhead on YouTube

It is my understanding that when a new sleep test is required you need to be off CPAP for a few days to get a accurate test. Is this correct

The London hospital does not seem to be aware of this

I was not off for a few days.

The results were the same as when I started!

Which I have to say was bad!

On saying that, it takes a few days before you yourself feel the affects, usually.

But as far as the results of a sleep test, I don't think it would make ant difference as your throat will still close etc.

I am now finding that the pressure the APAP runs at during the night is dependent  on what I have eaten that evening.

I have found that if I have bolied rice rather than chips with the evening meal then my 95% pressure can reduce by as much as 3 cm.

Im beginning to think that Im having a allergic reaction to something which is affecting my breathing

That is not impossible, even dust and mites can cause problems, even the mites that are so tiny you can't see them and they live on your body.  However, only you yourself can work out if certain food make things worse.  It could be that you like chips more and eat more of them lol.  3cm is quite a bit, I am fairly constant in my max pressure, however, I am not the same every night with AHI.  Some nights and usually not more then 0.3AHI but I have been as high as 1AHI, but that was a night where I was suffering badly with the cold and was a bit choked up.  The worst I usually get on a bad night otherwise is 0.4AHI with no Central or other complicated Apnoea.  I used to have a few central ones until I got the APAP, then they for the most part have been history.  I think the central ones were caused as I used to run the CPAP over pressure to allow for constant leaks.

Mabe just note your AHI every morning against what you ate the night before and see if it does affect it.

I have to say though, the only thing I have seen reported is drink affecting the AHI, and it can be quite a bit!

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