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Hi once again Guys,

Being a newbie at CPAP I was wondering what is a normal air pressure!!

The reason for me asking is that my machine was set at 10 but my events stayed high.

It was then changed to 11 then 12 but I still have high events. How high do they safely go?



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Hi Sean

12 is just an average pressure, so don't worry if it needs more to treat you well.  There doesn't appear to be a tick box for determining the correct pressure.  Some people think it depends on weight, but it doesn't.  I'm a normal sized woman and when on CPAP my pressures regularly ran at the max of 20.  I'm on VPAP now and have a set IPAP pressure of 24.

12 to 15 on average, but it is not just about pressure, there are other events that can creep in.

Sometimes CPAP or APAP is not enough for some patients, they then need more complicated treatment.

However, I was on 18 with CPAP so you have a bit to go yet.

If you start to find it harder to breath out, there is an EPR Expiry Pressure Relief setting on most machines that drop the pressure when you breath out.

Was it a home test they gave you? 

Hi Guys,

Yes I was diagnosed at home. I think I've had it for 10 years or more.

Always used to put my tiredness down to hard work! I was given blood tests by the doctors but they found nothing.

i eventually self diagnosed myself earlier this year after watching a program on TV about sleep Apnoea I ticked all the boxes.

i then went back to my GP who then sent me for Apnoea tests, I scored 28 after a home study.

The home tests are not in such a controlled environment, also they don't know what stages of sleep you were in, however, there are some good home study machines around not, though you do need a hand to fit them up.

So they only have what the machine tells them, so they set it for 90% of your needs.  However, ths might not be enough and you might still need a bit of more pressure.

There are some patients that have more that obstructive Sleep Apnoea, so if you still have a lot of tirdness, go back to your GP.  Who should send you back to the Sleep Clinic or phone them direct for advice.

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