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Hi all I’m having trouble with my DreamWear full face mask,I’ve spent a long time getting the fit right but I have two problems 1. The bit between my nostrils somehow hurts it’s bearable but I would sooner not have the pain and 2. I have to breathe very hard both in and out and I feel I’m suffocating I’ve checked the tubing and all is ok. So any ideas, would turning the pressure up fix this please help many thanks Lee

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Hi Lee.  Sorry to hear you're still having problems with masks.  It's not normal to feel there's not enough air with the DreamWear as that mask usually give people the opposite sensation of feeling more pressure than normal.  Can I just check that you're fitting it correctly because several people at first don't realise it's designed to go under the nose and it then inflates?  Also make sure there's no obstruction to the small tubing that goes along the face, as I once had mine twisted by accident and I did struggle to breathe.  The other thought I have is that you may not have the correct size cushion, and it also sounds like it's a bit tight if it's hurting your nose.

Take a look on the charity's website and scroll down for some helpful videos to see if there's any visual tips for you https://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/dreamwear-full-face-cpap-mask.html

Your profile says you're in Essex, so it's quite a way to travel to us in East Yorkshire, but you're welcome to nonetheless.  The nearest we'll be to you is in Swindon on May 11th if not.

Hope this helps.

I would say if you have the Ramp Start enabled to make it start at a higher pressure.  Check also if you are using a big enough cushion as this is a common mistake.  Same with Nasal Pillows, people tend too use a size to small. Check you have also EPR enabled so you can breathe out easier.

Also check what Kath said. (I always try to call her Kate, no idea why!)  So if I call you Kate Kath just ignore me! 

Hi thanks for the reply’s I will look at this as the wife said I was gray yesterday and after looking at the instructions again it says about the symptoms I had to not use and talk to my clinic so a bit worried. I used my other full face mask last night and I feel a lot better  (but also taking cold and flu tablets) should I also turn the pressure up as well. I do have the ramp start enabled,I will look in to the EPR,and I’m a medium and did try the large and yes it may have been better but not to sure I have taken a photo so what are your thoughts on the sizing. I really do appreciate all the help many thanks Lee


Sorry for the delay as I managed to get myself locked out of the forum lol.  Please don't be messing with the pressures and contact your hospital if your wife has noticed you looking gray.  Perhaps go back to a different mask until they can check you with the DreamWear.  The sizing gauge you've posted is a guide only.  We use it at the charity for the initial mask size, but do find that if people are on the border between 2 sizes then it's better to go for the smaller size.  It sounds like something isn't right as people usually say they feel more pressure with that mask.  You do mention you have a cold though so your nasal passages could be inflamed.

@Sleep2Snore......I don't mind you calling me Kate as it's my daughter's name so I like it lol.

Well I turned EPR on and tried the mask again last night, but again I stopped breathing which woke me up gasping for air. It seems to happen just after or not long after I drop off, after the third time I changed mask back to original one and went off to sleep fine, what can I do please help 

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