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Wrote to the dvla for the correct form, phoned them when nothing arrived, form came a week later. Filled it out and sent it back 3 weeks ago, a week ago I had a letter a week ago saying they had written to the cosultant, resmed agreed to send a copy of my results so that the consultant could write back without delay. My question is, why can't they use emails, inthis day and age, its taking a week for a letter to be delivered, this could have been done and dusted instead of still being in limbo.

Rant over,


Ps ahi is now less than 1☺*

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Yes it's annoying Chris.  However, due to the fact that the DVLA themselves don't appear to know how to handle this all correctly (it depends who you reach at the time) then it's advisable not to email or ring them, but to rely on written correspondence.  Hope this all gets confirmed quickly.


The saga continues, consultant phoned at 7.15 am for extra information and said he would write back to the dvla that day. Nothing heard for 10 days so rang dvla who said they had received the letter and passed it to the "team" who would look at it then make a decision, this would take 14 days! WHY? The doctor has given the all clear but it takes a month to let me know, I wish I hadn't bothered,


Ps it took a week for the doctors letter to arrive.

I don't think the DVLA know what they are doing when it comes to anything medical.

I don't blame anyone for not telling them anything.  You be honest and they give the impression they don't know what they are doing.  When I was first diagnosed they just took your license away and they was it, you had one hell of a fight to get it back.

There was a consultant that didn't say anything to his patients and if they asked, he would tell them them that as far as he was concerned they were either fit or not fit to drive.  He would say to them that he had to tell them to advise DVLA that they had Sleep Apnoea, but then he advise people not to, not until he joined the medical team at the DVLA to advise them himself.  After that things did improve a bit but it still is a bit of a lottery as to who opens your letter and how they deal with it.

It should be an automatic process where they contact your consultant and the consultant either say you are fit to drive or not and that should be it.  Other medical conditions might complicate things, but if you have diabetes and it is under control it should be a simple process of you doctor saying it is under control and that should be it.  However, the DVLA being as big as it is and now centralised is a nightmare to deal with.  If you phone it is someone looking at a computer screen that has already dealt with a couple of hundred calls that day already and is thinking of going home, so they look at the screen and if there is nothing there there is little they can do, you letter is in the system somewhere, but it could be with the medical team or waiting clearance, they have no way of knowing.  The mailbag for them every day is staggering, it makes you wonder why they do not loose most of it.  I knew someone that worked there for a while and they said you get people phoning to ask about something, but there is so much data goes through the place every day it is staggering.  You try to help people but  unless there has been something input into the computer you just can't help the caller, the place is so huge and so much data being handled every day it is impossible to help a caller.  You just have to be patient, people do not understand how much is going on at DVLA and the Government make it worse every year with some other new regulation that changes everything.  I can only imagine how busy the place is and the amount of aperwork there is comes through the place every day.

Latest from dvla is that if your doctor says you are ok to drive then you can. They are still playing pass the parcel with my case, its a month since they had the doctors reply, I could have sorned the car and saved 3 months tax!



still no letter from dvla, after advice from sata I have contacted my mp. in 2016 there was a report from the ombudsman criticising the dvla for its delays,


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