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I WAS going to post for advice about my home Oximeter results and to ask some questions about overnight sleep studies via the sleep clinic.

However I had an appointment today at the sleep clinic to pick up the equipment for the overnight sleep study. They looked at my oximeter readings, cancelled my overnight sleep study and diagnosed me with moderate obstructive sleep apnoea, then and there !

They gave me a cpap machine to take home to use for a minimum of four hours a night and told me to fill in an SL1 form and post to the dvla.

She said I should keep my driving license as I am under treatment. Thank goodness.

I tried the machine at home this afternoon. I am finding breathing in much easier but breathing out is harder. So I am both looking forward and dreading going to bed tonight.

But I really hope it works, as I am sick of feeling so tired.

The sleep clinic have re booked my overnight sleep test in two months time, so they can see how the cpap machine is helping.

So I have to learn to use this machine ASAP.

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That's good action from your sleep clinic - so pleased to hear this.  If you use Facebook you might also want to join our Private Group there too where you'll also get great support https://www.facebook.com/groups/SleepApnoeaSupportAndAwareness/

Check out the page on our website for people new to CPAP and you can print out a copy http://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/desensitisation-tips-for-new-cpap-and-v...

There's also another page for any problems encountered that might help http://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/tips-for-problems-sleeping-with-cpap-or...

Well, that's a lot of reading I've given you lol.  Good luck with your new CPAP and I hope you feel the positive benefits very soon.

Thank you. :)

Off to read all those links !

The best of luck with getting used to your CPAP. I got my CPAP 4 weeks ago and it took about 2 weeks to adjust to using it and getting used to the higher air pressure. The first 2-3 nights were awful and I removed the mask after a couple of hours. I gradually built up the hours per night wearing the mask. It took longer for me to actually sleep properly with the full CPAP experience, but after 2 weeks, the first night of decent sleep was terrific!

Be prepared. The DVLA may rescind your driving license. I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnoea and sent in my SL1 form at the start of treatment. I did not tick yes, my apnoea is under control box, because I has just started treatment. I got back from holiday to find a DVLA letter rescinding my driving license. I don't believe the DVLA contacted my doctor before taking action. Fortunately for me I am now using CPAP ok and my follow-up Sleep Clinic review happened quickly. 

My best advice is to keep persevering with CPAP and be informed, seek answers when it's not working.

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