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Hi, I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive sleep apnoea and got a cpap machine a year ago after a few years exhaustion , depression and falling asleep all the time. It was so bad, falling asleep in the middle if conversations, at work at my desk, if I sat down with a student, I'm sure you all know how it feels. I was extremely embarrassed and upset by the thus and eventually a doctor at my practice referred me to hospital. I was terrified to find out that I stopped breathing about 100 times an hour. I was given a machine and instructions, I feel the difference as I can now sleep at night and not during every other time. I'm still not sure i understand the sleep apnoea totally so I'm looking forward to reading others experiences on this forum. I use a full mask as I was asked if I breathed through my mouth. I'm always left with marks on my face and sometimes wake up with blood shot eyes that I think comes from the air blowing in my eyes . I would love to have a mask for mouth breathers that doesn't have head gear but I don't know if they exist. I also have the humidifier and this helps a bit. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you cx

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That's great to hear how your life is so improved after a year on CPAP Cathy.  We're the lucky ones to have got diagnosed, as there's so many poor folk out there, unaware they're sufferers of OSA, struggling on as best they can whilst their physical, emotional and even mental health is deteriorating

There isn't a full face mask without headgear, but I use the Soft Cap Headgear with mine, and a lot of others do, with great success.  It's hard to describe, but as one of the reviewers states on the website "it almost feels like the mask isn't strapped to my head anymore."  This sums it up for me too.  Here's the link http://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/products/70  I've been using the lycra one, as there's a mesh one as well, so am going to try that one soon to see the difference.

Regarding the air blowing in your eyes, take a look at this discussion about making some mask liners out of old t-shirts.  They can really stops the leaks http://hope2sleepguide.co.uk/forum/topics/masks-and-air-leaks  Another option is to buy a thin sleep eye mask which are fairly cheap and I know several people who use these without them causing leaks.

Fisher Paykel make a oral mask called a Oracle which fits in the mouth and the strap fits more on your neck rather than your head.

I bought one but I could not get on with it but I still keep it around .It could be useful if my nose and face got sunburned for instance

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Edam replied to Edam's discussion Double inhaling
"Before I make a decision I am going to try something different. I have noticed that when it goes up to 20 most times it has done so when the pressure has dropped to minimum which is 12 at present. I will increase the minimum pressure to 14 so…"
7 hours ago
Edam replied to Edam's discussion Double inhaling
"I think its time to make a decision. Either buy another make of APAP or get referred to another hospital which supplies a different make"
8 hours ago
Sleep2snore replied to Edam's discussion Double inhaling
"That is hard to believe.  A pressure of 20 is quite high and very few require that amount of pressure. 1 ltr/min is nothing, the machine should cope with that without any problems at all. A lot of people get mixed up with pressure and…"
Edam replied to Edam's discussion Double inhaling
"I thought I had this problem solved but it got stuck at 20 again last night. My 95% pressure was 19, AHI  0.1 and leak 1 l/min. Sleepyhead shows that it was stuck at 20 for approx 30 mins ."
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Sleep2snore replied to Ruth Furniss's discussion Cold air
"Don't know what machine ou have, but a heated hose can help a lot. You can get them as a stand alone but it is not ideal. If your machine has the facility for a heated hose it might be worth the investment. Heating the room will help."
Oct 30
Sleep2snore replied to Renee Rowlands's discussion Recommendation please for Oximeter purchase.
"There are plenty on the market, but one thing I would make sure it did was to store the data for printing or downloading. There are plenty that say they do this and don't, so be aware of buying off Amazon or Ebay."
Oct 28
Kath Hope replied to Ruth Furniss's discussion Cold air
"Like you say yourself Ruth, warming up the bedroom will help, but also if you don't have a heated humidifier then that would help - as will covering the tube with a Hose Cover."
Oct 28
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Oct 28
Ruth Furniss posted a discussion

Cold air

Hi I have sleep apnoea & Copd this is my first winter using cpap, found it very hard to sleep last night because of breathing in cold air was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to warm the air up besides sleeping in a warm room? I…See More
Oct 28
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ResMed DC-DC converter for S9

I have for sale a converter which allows the S9 machine, which requires a 24v supply, to run from a vehicle 12v or 24v DC socket, or direct from a 12v battery. The converter can power a humidifier and heated tube as well as the CPAP machine,…See More
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"It would depend if there was a smell or not "
Oct 9
Sleep2snore replied to Edam's discussion Double inhaling
"I'll be interested to know what you have found.  Give it time so you can prove what is happening. I had my machine pulse at full pressure for the second time when it was switched on, turning it off then on again a couple of times with a…"
Oct 9
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Oct 9
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Recommendation please for Oximeter purchase.

Hello everyone!I would very much like to check my oxygen levels during the night.  Can anyone recommend an Oximeter to purchase please?My mask is a F&P Brevida which has soft straps and one of the straps slips up my head during the night, making…See More
Oct 7
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"Thanks Kath, edited with price. "
Oct 5
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"Oh what a shame Kyla.  We are all so different with our sensitivies to smells, as I love the clean smell after using mine.  I'd advise you edit this with the price you're looking for, to save lots of messages agreeing and…"
Oct 5
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Soclean machine

SOLD!! !  I am selling my soclean machine. It is a fantastic machine and does the job, however I am struggling with the "ozone" smell it turns my stomach. I only purchased it on 18/09/18 so only had a couple of weeks use. I purchased it with an…See More
Oct 5

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