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Hi Everyone,

I've been getting on very well with my ResMed Auto machine. It was lent to me by the consultant who diagnosed my Sleep Apnoea. I returned it the other day as I had to collect a machine supplied by the NHS. The machine I have been given is an auto machine and is made by Philips Respironics. I think the model is Remstar. Although it is not a new machine, I was assured it was working fine. However since using it my tiredness seems to have returned. I am yawning again and I don't feel alert as I was after using the ResMed auto machine. I am unsure as to whether the machine is faulty or is it of a differing quality to the ResMed? I would be interested to hear if anyone else has found a preference to a particular brand that maybe suited them better? I would love to hear your thoughts?


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Hi David.  I haven't come across people who find the difference to be so major from using Resmed + Respironics, as they're both really good machines.  However, it could be how the new machine has been set up by the clinician.  I'm guessing that when you lent the Resmed the auto settings were left at the default of minimum pressure 4 to maximum pressure 20.  Do you know what the Remstar has been set at? 

You should be able to download the free software to look at your stats from the sd card so you can see what's going on, which should help you check for any problems.  Here's a link to it http://sourceforge.net/projects/sleepyhead/

David, Kath is right, there shouldn't be much difference unless the pressure settings are different, can you find out what they were on the Resmed Autoset and what they are on the Remstar. If you download Sleepyhead, you will need a card reader to read the data, it is just one you use for a digitial camera. Wwhen you get it downloaded, there is a Youtube video on it by the creator, Mark. Just type in Sleepyhead software. If you need a hand reading the data let me know. Don't forget to put your Simcard back in your CPAP.

Hi Terry and Kath. Thanks both for your help. I downloaded the Sleepyhead software and imported the data from the Respironics machine. I have the data from 4 nights but I must admit to feeling confused by it. I have watched the Youtube video but I'm still confused and I would welcome some help understanding it. Unfortunately I don't have any data or settings from the ResMed machine I was using before. How could I get the data to you ?

David, well done on downloading the data, I have sent you a friend request if you want t accept it I can send you my Email address and you can send me screenpirints if you want. I would ring the clinic and ask for either a hardcopy of your data or get them to Email you a file. The main numbers you normally look at are the AHI you want below 5 and leaks below 24l/m. In you case you also want to see the high and low pressures for each machine. I use the Resmed so your data will look slightly different but I will see what I can make of it or point you in the direction of someone that can. Kath uses a Phillips so it may be more familar to her, let us know how you go.

Hi Terry, I accepted your friend request, thank you. Although I saw a consultant privately for my diagnosis, I am now under the NHS. I am due back to see them on 31st of this month which I presume is to analyse my usage of their machine. I would like to try and understand more before then so as to maximise the benefit of this therapy. I will gladly share my data if you can help me better understand it. But for now my AHI varies from 1.11 to 2.47. The leaks is the one that bothers me. There are two colours on the graph, a lower purple line that mostly remains under the limit you mention, but also a light green line that is mostly way over the limit.

David, just sent you my Email address, I just downloaded my weeks data (I do it every Sunday) I'm not seeing the green and blue lines for leaks but d see them for pressure but like I said the Resmed data may look sightly different to the Phillips. Will have a look when you send it, Terry.

I've sent you a friend request too David, so you can send the data to us both if you like.  Your AHI sounds good though.  It will be interesting to see how the hospital have set up your machine to see if that's why your feeling different, as opposed to the Resmed therapy you were getting.

Hi Terry and Kath,

Good morning to you all. Kath, I received your friend request but not your email, so I cant send you my data to have a look at.

The mask I use is a Mirage Quattro Full Face. I'm getting on ok with it, but from the data I am concerned about leaks. Though I am a little ashamed to admit it, I do dribble in the night so I have to wash my mask every morning, but I have noticed, in the mornings before I remove the mask that a facial movement will cause a leak on the side I have dribbled. Could the dribble weaken the seal between the mask and my face?

Good Morning David

The friend request system on the forum means that you can send messages (emails) to your friends on here.  It's so you can speak privately with people.  You can click on the profile image of a friend you want to message which will take you to your own profile page, then on the left hand side you'll see it says 'Send A Message.'  Alternatively, to send multiple messages, just click on 'My Page' from the top of anywhere in the forum and then on the right hand side you'll see 'Inbox.'  Click on that and then on the right hand side you'll see 'Compose' and you can select which friends to send it to.

Don't be embarrassed about mouth drooling as most mouth breathers do this - people without sleep apnoea drool on their pillows instead!  Drool can cause mouth leaks, and I've woken up before and had to wipe the seal of the mask with tissue on occasions.  Sometimes the drool can be mistaken for too much humidification condensation though.

Hi Kath,

Thanks for that. Another mystery solved (drooling and leaks). I don't have a humidifier. And I have noticed that every morning when I wake up that my nose is "bunged up". But I can live with that.

Thanks also for the help on sending messages. Will it also allow me to send attachments in case you still wanted to see the screen shots of my sleep data?

David, a humidifier may help you with the drooling, as it should give you more moisture to help with your nasal airways, thus meaning you may not open your mouth as much to drool (hope this makes sense).  If you ask the hospital they should give you one.

Yes you can add attachments in the emails - it's just the same as a normal email account.

David, I also use the Mirage Quattro and have to admit I dribble too but don't tell anyone , I find dribbling the absolute worst part of CPAP. On the mask, do you use mask liners, I can send you the instructions on how to make them cheaply if you don't use them. I find they help with leaks and stop the silicone cushion against my skin, I also use an off cut on the head rest like a small pad.

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