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Hello my name is Julie and I have just joined the forum.
My son (16) has been using a Resmed full face mask for over 6 months and the straps are causing severe bald patches to the back of his head due to friction and having to be adjusted tight to avoid leaks. His respiratory doctors have no solution to the problem and insist that he continue using the head gear. He requires bipap ventilation and no alternative is possible.
He tried using a thin cotton cap under the straps but this hasn't appeared to help(his own idea).
Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to help stop the hair being continually rubbed away? I'd be so grateful to hear from you..
I'm so frustrated and concerned about the lack of interest the doctors show when it comes to problems like this. Makes me angry!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes

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Welcome Julie, I use a Resmed and don't find that problem and luckily because I need to keep all the hair I can, I'm really surprise it is doing it, which model mask is it?

I would suggest a few things for him they may help him loosen the straps a bit more, get him to try mask liners, they save his face touch the silicone and help with leaks, you can get them over the net or tell you how to make then yourself fairly cheaply, I think Kath makes her own leopard skin ones

Also have the hose coming from above is head either over a bedhead or you can buy a product called a hose lift or make one fairly cheaply, that way the mask pulls up instead of down and helps with leaks as well and saves getting tangled.

Just a couple of suggestions, good luck.

I think you will need to ask the respiratory doctor to supply a different make of mask.

The headgear on the F&P Simplus,  for example, is over 50mm wide at the back,

Other makes of full face masks will have different straps.as well.,

If you are not able to get another mask then it could be worth contacting Resmed for advice, I have found them to be very helpful in the past.

Just to say that I've been speaking with Julie and seen the pictures of her poor son's head and bald patches.  He's ill at the moment so she's visiting him in hospital, but it was more the straps near the top of his head and we're trying him with a SoftCap Headgear to see if that helps his problem.  I'm actually using one myself with the FitLife and it's a lot more comfy.


How is this young man and has the softcap helped with his hair loss.


Thanks for asking Dee.  We're working to sort the problem with the softcap, but it's not easy as he's currently in hospital and nobody tries as hard as a child's own parent!

Has there been any more news on this subject?  I am experiencing hair loss too.

Thank you.

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