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Have just been contacted by someone asking for recommendations for companies willing to give Travel Insurance for holidays, as her insurance won't cover her!!!

How ridiculous, as people with diagnosed, treated Sleep Apnoea are less of a risk than the 1000's of undiagnosed, untreated people.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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I have a annual travel policy through my Halifax rewards current account benefits package but have had to pay £70 excess  to cover me for Sleep Apnoea & high blood pressure ( even though controlled) .



see http://www.essentialtravel.co.uk/travelinsurance/sleep-apnoea-trave...

I've used the Post Office Travel and HSBC with no problems, and neither have I had to pay any excesses.

Try All Clear




Me and hubby both have a huge list of health problems including osa for me - not cheap for all our ailments, but if you only have osa it must be cheaper than ours.


you can complete it online and save 15% (first company I know of that does it online for pre-existing  - only ring if you get stuck because you will lose the 15% if you ring call centre to take policy.


Also our home insurance covers us for emergency without pre-existing conditions.

do not give up, as Kath knows we have a lot of health problems, but have found several insurers no problem - it only matters how much you can afford to pay.


good luck and happy holidays

Jacks xxxxxxxx

Just informed Royal Bank of Scotland Royalties Gold insurance I was diagnosed last year and have had to pay a £80 excess.


Hi, Yes I have had problems with travel insurance. I was with Lloyds for years and as part of my package I had insurance and I was covered.. no probs. I then moved my account to the Halifax ..again offering free travel insurance with the account. I was told that I could have insurance but it would cost me an additional fee, nearly £130+!

I shopped around and managed to get a year's cover with the AA  for £96.12. I have the additional problem of high bloodpressure, which is fully controlled.. again did I take one, two or three tablets ?.. This seem to be standard proceedure across the insurance industry. I agree that there are people out there who are not aware that they may have SA.. Probably a lot of crashes are caused long distance lorry drivers and bus drivers, who have no idea of their condition.

Perhaps it's time to bring in SA tests, alongside driving licences!!

Happy snorkelling!


I have a number of medical issues and found www.insurancechoice.co.uk prepared to insure me and at very reasonable cost.

I used Staysure. They had no probs covering sleep apnoea if it's controlled

Perhaps I have a weird attitude to insurance but it hasn't failed me yet.

Controlled Sleep Apnoea is listed as an Acceptable Risk - you have to declare it to your insurer but it does not effect the premium. If you want to be covered against Sleep Apnoea risks, that in itself will cost you a lot more than the original premium. So what are the SA risks you cover yourself against? Near as I can figure - none. I've had OSA for how many years? been treated for it for four years and what claimable event has happened because of it - in fact, what event at all has happened because of it? None and nothing at all! So - what do you fear might go wrong, what claimable event might happen, during your fortnight or month or two travel? Are there doctors and hospitals where you are going? Yes - even lower risk of a claimable event. No - nothing is claimable then! (no doctor's letter, no claim). Oh! then look where I started - OSA is on the Acceptable Risk List.

You don't need travel insurance for OSA. And here comes my weird attitude - I hate giving my hard-earned to Names at Lloyds for no reason. If you want to know how much un-neccessary insurance we take out each year, look at the annual accounts/profits declared by any travel insurance outfit. Make your eyes water! That's why there are so many of them and why they all chase your business - 99% (guess not fact) money for nothing.


How many medical claims have you made on your travel insurance in thhe last five years? Ten? Ever? I let those answers inform my choice of travel insurance level.

Just found out that the insurers who the member is having problems with is Barclays through Aviva!

I had a claim several years ago when we got robbed in Spain of all our money and personal possessions, mobiles etc.  Wait for it though............. NOT the CPAP machine or thankfully our clothes.  Thank goodness we were all inclusive as we still had a week to go.  It was a pretty relaxing time in the end...... good sleep, free food and drinks :D  It's put me off Benalmadena though, as it was rife where we were.  We met a lovely Irish family who offered us financial assistance if we'd needed it.  Their 16 year old daughter the year before had died in her sleep, and undiagnosed sleep apnoea was being investigated, by testing the rest of her family.  I never found out the outcome though, as they had to rush off for an early flight so we didn't swap addresses.  (I'm putting this in case anyone knows of this family or if one day they may come across this forum themselves, as I'd love to get in touch).

yes i had probs virgin insurance would not cover me, travel extras i did not have a problem but it cost me a lot more this year than last before i know i had sleep apnea!!!

Hello  All

I have used Direct Travel for my holiday insurance for the last few years and the have happily covered me for my Sleep Apnoea as well as my blood pressure my replacement knee, as well as my more recent replacement hip. They have always been told in full detail of my problems and been very good in their understanding and cover. I have  had need to use them once, actually when my wife was ill and their service was first class.

I would recommend Direct Travel to  any and all of you, first rate and competitive.

Robert Winchurch


Probably not the best time of the year to have this discussion revived, but just spotted a link with a list of insurers who cover sleep apnoea which might help someone in the future http://www.moneymaxim.co.uk/sleep-apnoea-travel-insurance

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