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I have had my CPAP machine for 1 year 5 months and have felt a lot better whilst using it. One of my symptoms was incredible pain in my hands and arms during the night. The first night I used an APAP machine for pressure testing, I had absolutely no pain during the night. I have been able to stop taking Tramadol to get me through the night. No more daytime sleepiness etc. Life has been great.

About a month ago I noticed the pain disturbing me during the night and was frequently falling asleep in the car. I was also waking a few times a night really gasping for breath despite using my CPAP machine. I use a hose lift and mask liners.

At Kath's suggestion I phoned the clinic who orgnaised an appointment for me. Last week I was given an APAP? machine to monitor my breathing and a new mask.  I had noticed a piece of my old mask was missing. It was a cover for a breath testing tube and so my mask was leaking from the tube but I was given a replacement mask as mine was a year old.

I used the new mask and machine for the full seven days and went back yesterday for the results. I felt a bit better when using the APAP machine, less sleepy, no pain durig the night

The results were nothing I expected. I was told that my apnoeas were average ( 3.5 per hour, was 20-25) and that the greatest concern was mask leakage. It had leaked a lot more than expected. I remember her saying 2. something, don't really know what it means. I was given a new, different mask. She said that I could continue on CPAP as it helped my symptoms despite having leakage and few apnoeas

Last night I tried the new mask and was awake dozens of times with it moving off my face and constantly leaking. I have had palpitations all day, which was common before I started to use CPAP.  What I don't understand is how the apnoeas have gone down so much. My weight hasn't gone down.

I also think I may need more help on how to keep a mask on without leakage. After this length of time I should have got it right. I was allowed to keep the replacement Hans Rodulf mask I was given last week as well as the old one and I also now have the new mask which is an Almara full face. As I didn't have any liners for the Almara I used it without last night and suffered raspberry blowing noises on my face constantly. 

Basically, I am confused, and looking for more ideas on how to keep my mask in place please. I clean it carefully, used mask wipes, clean my face very carefully, use a liner and hose lift. I tend to sleep on my side and have a special pillow.

Just remembered that she decided to leave my pressure as it was but has said she will refer it to the senior nurse practitioner for more advice.

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Judith-Ann, which APAP did you get, your apnea's numbers look good at 3.5 and may come down even more. The APAP's can be set to have a low and high pressure, you may want to ask whether they have set yours at a low and high pressure or whether it's constant. The APAP's do a lot of the work for you and I find are more comfortable to use. You can get free software to read your own results daily if you want so you can monitor your own progress. On the mask, you seem to be doing the right things, I don't use those masks but do fingd liners help and having the hose coming from above my head. Can you get a new cushion for the old mask, I assume that it worked for you if you have been using it for a year and a half.

i think it is not apnea that is causing the pain although the cpap does take pressure off of your heart

you should make a doctors appointment

correct way to put the mask on is to start the machine before you fit it onto your face

Judith, I would push for feedback from the senior practitioner, as you're no better off by the sounds of it and seems like the APAP was treating you better.  This may be due to higher pressures being reached on the APAP above which your CPAP is set on.  Did she mention whether the pressures went higher when you were on CPAP?

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